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Everybody has come into contact with 360° panoramic pictures. The one mayor thing those panoramas are missing is interaction so a real experience arises. 360° Video is a much better medium for that. Videos are the best marketing tools and Youtube is the second largest searchengine with a much better clickrate as Google.

By applying 360° video virtual tours with a clickable interactive layer on top of it with hotspots, you can bring an interactive experience to your customer. With the increase of popularity of the virtual reallity devices like Occulus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and the cheap Google Cardboard and many more, the customer will widely accept this type of content. Virtual 360° videos have a bigger impact on the decission of customers than pictures or traditional video have. The reason for this is that customers can decide for themselves where they want to look and engage in interaction. They have the feeling of being in control and this increases the experience!

Add some extra interaction and gaming elements, like room settings from standard to ramantic, extend showcase of meeting facilities, online booking and discount coupons hidden in the virual tour. These may seem small details but they have a huge impact on the experience and will increase conversion.

This is an example of the interactive menu that would apear on your website
Interactive menu

The idea of online marketing is to convice your customer that your offer is the best, even though they never have been at your venue. A virtual tour is a fantastic tool to achieve this.

According to a survey done by a mayor hotel organisation a virtual tour can increase bookings by an astonishing 46%! And more than half of the visitors named a virtual tour on a hotels website as a very desirable feature.


Our 360° video team records a video with a tour through the hotel so we can offer a virtual experience. We do this with a camera with 6 lenses that covers everything around the camera. With our special editor we can add hotspots to the video and add interaction and extra information and call to actions like a BOOK NOW button. You can also edit the hotspots later on or add extra content in the video. We offer a special 360° video player that can be embedded on your website and on Youtube. This player is HTML5 based and can be used on most browsers, smartphones, tablets and VR devices.



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